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We aim to please! That's' a simple mission statement - but it's the truth and the way we do things around here. You are always number one at Lakeland!

From our scratch kitchen and immaculate facility to our Mobile Kitchen and Catering, we are here to please.

Every event, every wedding, every party is another opportunity for us to exceed your expectations. That's our aim. Lakeland has an event planner that is on call to help assist you with every aspect of your event. Lakeland - Perfect for Today!

The trend is now is now smaller, more intimate weddings. In that regard, you'll find Lakeland perfect.

Our venue has two separate banquets rooms that are acoustically private and the just the right size for today's weddings. You also can have the option of renting out both rooms for your event and creating different entertaining venues for your guests to enjoy. Now combine that with our excellent cuisine, spacious lobby and superb service and Lakeland should be at the top of your list.Lakeland to Go!

Catering is a fine art. Whatever the venue - the challenge is to deliver fresh, crisp, and HOT menus' on time - wherever!

Our Mobile Kitchen is a one of a kind scratch kitchen on wheels. It was a serious investment on our part - but it was a must in order for us to deliver the fresh products which we are proud to offer our customers.

Chef Bobby & Charlie Langton